We have collaborated or are currently collaborating with the following groups:

Prof. Maurizio Benaglia, Dipartimento di Chimica, Università degli Studi di Milano, Organocatalysis.
Prof. Hans Gunther Schmalz, University of Cologne, Asymmetric Catalysis
Prof. Peter Seeberger and Dr. Kerry Gilmore, Max Plank Institute (Synthesis with Flow-Chemistry)
Prof. Rita Guedes, iMED-UL, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon (Molecular Modelling).

Prof. Maria João Cabrita, ICAAM, University of Évora.

Dr. Raquel Garcia, ICAAM, University of Évora, (MIPs)
Prof. João Paulo Ramalho, CQE, University of Évora, (Theoretical Calculations)
Prof. Ana Teresa Caldeira and Prof. Rosário Martins, Dep. of Chemistry, University of Évora, (Bioassays, for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, antimicrobial activity).
Prof. Célia Antunes and Prof. Ana Costa, Dep. of Chemistry, University of Évora, (Bioassays for Diabetes II and Cancer).

Dr. Natalia Busto, University of Burgos, Spain.