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CONFERENCE TALKS (last 7 years)

1. Asymmetric Ketimine Hydrosilylation using Chinchona-Picolinamide Organocatalysts,

7th EuChem Conference on Nitrogen Ligands, 4-7 September 2018 , University of Lisbon, faculty of sciences.

2. Brincadeiras com Catálise: Construção de Novos Medicamentos, VI Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Química (ENEQUI), 24 March 2018 , Covilha.

3. STD-NMR-in silico  Screening: An Effective Combination for Validating ChE and MAO-B Dual Inhibition,

2nd COST MuTaLig Working Group meeting 2, 15-16 March 2018 , Tenerife Spain.

4. Fun with Cyclizations: Acessing Heterocyclic Bioactive Compounds via New Methodologies,  (Keynote speaker), 12th National Organic Chemistry Meeting/5th National Therapeutic Chemistry Meeting Portuguese Chemical Society, 17-19 January 2018 , Coimbra, Portugal.

5. Developing New Small-Molecule Cholinesterase Inhibitors: Harnessing the Power of 3-Substituted-3-Hydroxyoxindoles, World Preclinical congress, Mastering medicinal chemistry, 14-15 Nov. 2016 , Lisbon.

6. Enabling Medicinal Chemistry with Catalysis – New Cholinesterase Inhibitors for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease , 7th Spanish Portuguese Japanese Organic Chemistry Symposium (7th SPJ-OCS), June 23-26, 2015 , Seville, Spain.

7. Ten years of Catalytic (Asymmetric) Activity at CQE-UE, 10th National Meeting on Organic Chemistry-First Luso-Brasilian Symposium on Organic Chemistry, 4-6 September 2013 , Lisbon.

8. Asymmetric Ketimine Hydrosilylation using Chinchona-Picolinamide Organocatalysts,  7th EuChem Conference on Nitrogen Ligands , 4-7 September 2018 , University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences.

9. Synthesizing Chiral Amines the Hydrosilylation Way: Organocatalysis with Cinchona-Amides, 8th Spanish Portuguese Japanese Organic Chemistry Symposium  (8th SPJ-OCS, 9-10 Nov. 2018), Kyoto, Japan, 10 Nov. 2018 .

10. Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease with 4-Aminochromane Derivatives: Single and Dual Inhibitors, 4th COST MuTaLig Action meeting , 5th March, Ege University, İzmir Turkey, 5 and 6 March 2020 .


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